Names of God

As I was sitting at my desk today I sensed the Lord’s Presence in a very beautiful way.  Have you ever felt His Presence?  It’s euphoric! In that moment I looked in front of me and my attention was drawn to the print of a painting by Amy Sheetreet that sits on my desk. It’s a beautiful mosaic of a Menorah with God’s names in Hebrew and English.

  • God my Righteousness
  • God with us
  • Angel of the Covenant
  • Prince of Peace
  • My Redeemer
  • God my Healer
  • All Sufficient God
  • The Light of the World
  • Wonderful Counselor
  • God who is There
  • God who Sees
  • Lamb of God
  • My Rock
  • The Resurrection
  • Keeper of Israel
  • The Way
  • The Truth
  • The Life
  • Yeshua – Salvation


We find such strength in meditating on the Names of God. (Proverbs 18:10) Spend some time today delighting in who God is, as revealed by His Names.

God’s Weapons

Lately I’ve seen many of my brothers and sisters in the Lord fighting incredible sickness and emotional distress. Some have been hospitalized with extremely serious conditions and others tormented, as they await the manifestation of their healing. My heart goes out to them and to you, if you too are currently in a fight for your health, and the well-being of both your body and your soul.

I was putting on God’s Armor last week, as we’re commanded to do (Ephesians 6:10-18); and I had an epiphany that I think was from the Lord.  I had always thought and experienced the Armor of God as protecting and re-aligning my soul to come into agreement with the spiritual truths that are ours according to God’s Word. Last week I felt the Lord encourage me that His Armor also protects our physical body in this “earth realm.”

Since then I’ve been putting on the Armor of God very intentionally, declaring it to not only protect and cover my soul and its well being, but my physical body too.  I’ve updated the Armor of God bible study and you can read it HERE.

I implore you to not forget to put on the Armor of God daily.  If God instructs us to do something, it’s coming from a place of provision and protection; and how prideful it is for us to ignore, or get lazy with the instructions He’s given us as our Heavenly Father, Creator and Lord. 

Red Alert

I arrived in Israel one month ago and this morning I heard my first “red alert.”  Red Alert is an app that provides real time alerts every time a terrorist fires rockets, mortars or missiles into the State of Israel. It happened at 8:03 a.m. just as I had finished journaling these words.

Lord, in praying with Ruth yesterday You revealed something to me.  In my mind I’ve been battling…

I was shocked in that instant to hear the siren go off on my phone.  I looked and found out that the rockets were only 37.2 miles from where I was.  Having absolutely no fear, I looked to God and discerned the truth of the “battle” we are in, both in the natural and spirit realms.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing and wondering. Many mature believers have been experiencing severe spiritual and physical attacks in the last month, bringing hospitalizing sickness, disease and even death. Why?

For quite some time I had been experiencing an onslaught of negative thoughts toward my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I continuously fought them with the Word and with truth.

Could the enemy be seeding our minds with thoughts against each other? Could the thoughts that we entertain and agree with (that line up with an “accuser of the brethren”) ultimately give the enemy legal rights to attack our brothers and sisters, doing them and ultimately the entire Body of Messiah harm?

Whether or not this is true we must always fight to take those kinds of thoughts captive and renew our minds with God’s Word.  Here are some Scriptures the Lord has encouraged me to read, ponder and take to heart on the matter.

Philippians 4:4-9; Philippians 2:1-5

1 John 3:14-19; 1 John 4:20-21

1 Cor. 13:1-7

2 Cor. 10:3-7

Romans 8:1-14; Romans 12:1-5

Please take time to read and meditate on these scriptures so we can press forward, together, in love, unity and victory – in Yeshua’s/Jesus’ Name!

Another Advocate

A few posts ago I talked of a friend who had told me to look for advocates along my journey into Israel.  Well, I found another one.  Last weekend while at the local congregation, during the after service lunch we had together, a woman came and sat down to eat with me.  She introduced herself and we began chatting.  I offered to give her a ride home and felt led to ask if she wanted to come over for tea.  She invited me to her apartment and I found out that she was called to Israel to help people navigate the red tape and bureaucracy involved in moving here. She had wondered why God had called her from Jerusalem down south into the Negev.  When we met me she was excited to be able to fulfill her calling by helping me. She even agreed to let me use her address for my application which was something that I had been prayerfully waiting for God to provide. She sent me off that day with different pieces of literature to inform me on the various stages and benefits of obtaining Israeli citizenship.

I was introduced to another advocate that day when the leader of the congregation gave me the name of a doctor I could go to in order to get a medical certificate proving I was in good health.  This is a document needed for citizenship application and I’m happy to report that the doctor was extremely helpful in providing the examination and medical certificate.

Advocate: a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.  God is our ultimate advocate, but it’s nice to know that He has people to help us too!