Your Favorite Movie Genre

What’s your favorite kind of movie? Drama, action, romance, supernatural phenomenon, war movies, inspirational faith-based films, documentaries, history…




We all love a good story. You know why? God made us that way so He could impart His truths to us through stories.


How did Jesus teach the people? He told parables – stories. What’s the Old Testament filled with? …Stories.


Lately when reading the Word I’ve been trying to not just read words on the page, but to use my imagination to picture the stories in my mind. And guess what? Every genre of movie I listed above is right there in God’s Word!


God help us if we’re looking to Hollywood for comfort and entertainment without first going to God’s Word!


Reading the Word of God is intended to comfort, encourage and teach you. It’s not only entertainment. It’s God speaking to you!  And I’m telling you, seeing the pictures in your mind as you read brings a rich experience to your whole day, as you continue to think about what you read, asking God for the application in your life.


Movies might be entertaining, but they’re just a shallow imitation of God’s stories.


There’s a rich spiritual inheritance God wants to impart to you through His Word. The Word is where you go to discover how to live out all the Lord has planned for you; and that’s why there’s a battle raging to keep you out of it. The enemy doesn’t want you to walk in the promised blessings that come from knowing and being a doer of God’s Word. Don’t fall into satan’s trap!


Do you like to be entertained? I do. I love redeeming stories. God is the ultimate movie producer and director and the very best story is His story. After all, that’s what history is all about.


Go in true wisdom. Get in the Word. God is there waiting. G.I.T.W. (G.I.T.W. was a teaching God gave me a long, long time ago in the middle of the night one night. You can find it, any many others in the “Church Resources” – Topical Discipleship Articles.