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1. ISRAEL TOUR: We had a “first timers” Israel tour scheduled in October 2023. Because of the war we’ve postponed it and will be announcing the dates once it’s appropriate for tourists to return to Israel. All are welcome to join us as we tour, pray and worship in the Land where Jesus/Yeshua walked.  Join us for the trip of a lifetime and learn more about God’s end-time plans for the Church, while seeing and experiencing the beautiful, biblical land of Israel. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

2. VOLUNTEER WITH BEDOUIN OUTREACH: Experience and partner in our work ministering to Muslim Bedouins

3. VOLUNTEER WITH JEWISH OUTREACH: Work with us in our outreach & discipleship home

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Below are testimonies from the 2022 Israel Prayer Mission

This prayer mission was originally scheduled for late March 2020.

Due to Covid19 restrictions we waited, persevered and prayed and were able to accomplish the mission September 2022. 


“Breaking the curses off the Land & People of Israel
by standing in the gap and declaring the praises of the Almighty God
on 12 mountains throughout the Land of Israel.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * 


After having some time to decompress and resume life back here in the States, I realize even more what an amazing trip and act of obedience you/we carried out, halleluyah!! Thank you for leading us on such a wonderful, powerful mission with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I know it blessed YHVH immensely! ~ Alisa W. , Indiana

I have been trying to consolidate the notes I took while on this prayer mission. So many people wanted to know about this trip…(How do I begin?). The most beautiful and powerful thing I can say is our focus on Psalm 133. Unity and love for one another has been key. I am committed to pray more fervently for the Messianic believers in Israel. Sadly, they are like the “underground church” in hostile nations. However, the Messianic believers have a freedom and liberty that is lacking among the orthodox, (both Jewish and Christian), the secular and the Muslims. This was my 3rd trip to Israel and it was unlike all the other trips. We not only visited traditional archeological sites and “high places,” but also united in prayer at these places based on His Word. Walking throughout His land and declaring His Word in unity…I can’t even begin to find the words to describe this assignment! It has been a remarkable privilege! ~ Janet C., Florida


Mission Memories:
The trip began with an orientation where I gave everyone a keychain with the words “Shema Israel” in Hebrew on it (Hear and obey Israel). Around thos
e words were 12 dots like on a clock. After giving out the keychains, the Lord spoke to me saying that “what we would do in Israel in this time would hold great keys for Israel to hear & obey Him.” I also knew, as the number 12 symbolizes authority, that the Lord was giving us authority to accomplish our mission “for such a time as this!”  

We were a small group, 7 in all, including our driver/guide, the international team and myself. We were a Gideon’s army of sorts. “Go in the strength you have and deliver Israel from the power of Midian. Am I not sending you?” (Judges 6:14)

Of course, it’s impossible to document all the supernatural experiences we had on this prayer mission. We invite you to come to Israel and experience one of our prayer missions yourself. Your life will be forever changed and you’ll be blessed, as you participate in changing the future of Israel and the world through prayer.




Our Itinerary:

DAY 1: Team Arrival at Latrun Monestary – peaceful; mission orientation; garden of Eden setting; great starting place; hidden place; stillness; prayed for love and unity for our team and for our time together and for tour guides in Israel

DAY 2: Tel Azeka (David & Goliath location) Is. 43 calling people from the nations to return to Israel from all directions; started pouring communion wine on ground declaring God’s covenant promises;  Shabbat Dinner – Beit Chai – special teaching about the importance of Shabbat – gift of mustard seed and 10 agarot coin with real land dimensions of Israel as specified by God to Abraham. Beautiful experience of blessing and being blessed by the person across the table; Young women shared testimonies of coming to faith within the past 3 years; Waiting at Zion Square – Sharing and praying with Naim, a Tour Guide

DAY 3: Sukkat Hallel – powerful prophetic worship with Faith, Baht and Roger; A beautiful and precious window of time precious – “don’t miss the opportunity” (Roger); Bible Hill – Molech and abortion prayers looking over Hinom Valley; Visited ancient tombs and one participant who had lost her husband a year ago received the word that her year of mourning was complete and it was a new season – new life – prayed Aaronic benediction over her (Num. 6:24-26) – she led a woman to the Lord at the hotel where we were staying that evening.

DAY 4: 9/11: Visited the U.S. EmbassyHill of Evil Counsel – Father /Son / Holy Spirit prayers… Got the word “Onward Christian Soldier”;  Haas Promonade – piano worship; explanations and prayers over ABC divisions in Israel; Rampart Walk – found statues of soldiers from different eras of Jerusalem – the walk represented challenge and victory – Empires wanted Jerusalem – the lesson on the walk was that it takes endurance and perseverance – you have to keep moving forward – you can’t go back; Mt. Zion – Witnessing and praying for Mordechai, a street vendor;  Upper Room; special anointing on the Harp – Ps. 131; Mt. Moriah – praise & worship in the hidden tunnels next to the Sanhedrein counsel of 70 meeting room – lots of demonic forces sensed – praise is so important to defeating the enemy; some went to the western wall – travailed – sensing the power – different – not many people there – gained understanding that the Wall is a wall in between the Jewish people and Yeshua – intercession

DAY 5: Jericho – lowest city oldest on earth – 1st place Israel had to overcome  – decreeing light over Jericho and the Muslim people in Israel; Mt. of Temptation –  praying for light to flow in the darkness of religion inside Greek Orthodox monastary; Mt. of Olives – communion over graves – declaring resurrection life over death; Mt. Scopus – prayers for intelligentsia in Israel – for humbling & faith in God and His Word

DAY 6: Mt. Precipice – Agreeing with believers from Ghana who were there praying and worshiping, declaring “You will not die before your time – You will live to perform what God has called you to do” – Ps. 118; Tzfat – High Place – As soon as we got there soldiers started a war game with brutal killing, through electronic machine gun fire,  showing us what was going on in the spirit realm in that city; I followed up with  machine gun harp fire – got blisters; after the war games ended we had to get to the center of the park – first we had to wait – watching the war games and standing to see the salvation of the Lord so we could get into our position; the games ended – we got to the center – discerned a Viper spirit – crushed its head – we faced Mt. Meron and released the blood covenant prayer – praying for generations to come out of the curse of the Kabbalah cult

Day 7: Worship Boat – Sea of Galillee – refreshing; Mt. Carmel – witnessed the worship of the nations on the overlook over the Jezreel valley; then we were alone in the chapel  Hab. 2:2; prayed for false prophets to be replaced with true prophets; Mt. Tabor – bird in the air hovered, unmoving, resting in the winds – we stood amazed and watched – heard the stories of layers of empires and regimes in the area throughout history – we were expanded in our understanding. Our weapons changed – we stood still – Mt. Hermon came into view for the 1st time – God was preparing us for our mission the next day  – as we descended the mountain we took our time – praying for the Bedouin villages on the side of the mountain – our strategy changed and we discerned that  flexibility was crucial to the success of our mission

Day 8: Mt. Hermon – Ps. 133 – unity broke – doing our own thing – distractions – pushed through – enemy’s strategy – subtle – and very easy – regained unity by holding hands – declaring Psalm 150 – proclaimed halleluyah; Magdala – blank pillar was there for the name of  each one of the women on this trip  – opportunity to focus back on Yeshua

Day 9: Mt. Meron – Pulled off track – looking away from mountain – Had to reposition on Mt. Aryeh (Lion) looking at Mt. Meron – looking from Yeshua’s perspective – praying Shmah (hear and obey) for all people to hear the call of God; Arad Shabbat

Day 10: Tel Arad – Missions opportunities: Bedouin – Sara and her children; Sudanese family – they were glad someone cared enough to visit and express love and that they’d had a heart for Sudanese refugees and had been praying for them. Spirit of hospitality

Day 11: Hagar’s Well – praying “spring oh well” into lives of children of Isaac and Ishmael – repenting for Sara (Abraham’s wife); Mizpeh Ramon – Calling the Sephardic Jews to Israel in inhabit the Negev; Arad Prayer Meeting

Day 12: Mt. Sodom – Standing in Gap with Abram, speaking righteousness and justice





The goal of this prayer mission is to see the true worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Messiah Jesus-Yeshua flow freely in the Land of Israel and in the lives of the People of Israel. We will be praying for light to shine in darkness and for people who are caught up in the false religions associated with kabbalah, freemasonry and other idolatrous religions/practices, to repent, renounce idolatry and to be restored as citizens of the Kingdom of God.  ~  Faith Walker


Before I came to know Yeshua as my personal Lord and Savior I was a student of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and a host of other ‘new age’ masonic authors and teachers. After getting saved and beginning my walk with the Lord, He had me burn over $2000 worth of books by these authors and repent and renounce my involvement with their false religions. When traveling the U.S. with Jews for Jesus’ music and evangelism group “The Liberated Wailing Wall” in most cities we found ourselves in, the Lord brought me in direct contact with masonic lodges and freemasons, for the purpose of praying for them and breaking the curses over the families of the freemasons. It was an astounding journey. To read more about my time on the road… click here.

Since coming to Israel I’ve been shocked to find out the masonic connection with the Kabbalah and the masonic foundations of the nation of Israel. Because of my past experiences in this realm, it was only a matter of time until I knew the Lord would call me to pray about this here in Israel. 2020 is that time. I hope you will join me on the adventure, or pray for us while we’re on this prayer mission.

This prayer mission will take throughout Land of Israel;
from Mt. Hermon in the North, to the Mitspe Ramon mountains in the Southern Negev.