God Cares About Rental Cars

Does God care about our plans to rent a car?  You bet He does.  On my trip to Israel to drop off suitcases in August a friend was joining me, who was staying in a different location that I was. We planned to tour Jerusalem by bus and on foot, and then rent a car one day to go to the Dead Sea.

In looking at the prices of rental cars at the company he recommended it was very expensive, so I prayerfully checked for other options. I found one company where the cost was $8.50 per day!  I was amazed.  At that price we could have a car for our entire 4 days in Israel; and it would make life so much easier getting from and back to the airport, as well as to the Dead Sea.

After landing in Israel we got to the rental car counter and were upgraded to a car with a GPS system. That proved to be absolutely essential in navigating between the two different residences we were staying at, and the sites we wanted to see.

In looking back at the trip, it would have been a nightmare trying to navigate it by bus and on foot.  Who knew?  God knew!  The entire trip I kept saying “Thank You Lord; Thank You Lord; Thank You Lord!!!”

Not only did He know, He cared too!  Our Father directed and provided for us to have a car so that we would be well taken care of on our journey.

Let’s look for His loving care in our lives every day – to provide for and care for us in ways that may surprise us, but are certain to bless us.  He is all wise, all knowing and we can trust Him.  He’s a good, good Father!