Outreach & Discipleship ‘Safe-House’ in Israel

Genesis 26:22 “And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehovoth, saying, “For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

We are a Kingdom community in Southern Israel, focused on being a family reaching out with the Love of God to people around us. We are working out of a beautiful villa that has become a real “lighthouse” in our city. It is currently for sale and we want to purchase it to continue the work in Southern Israel.  


We will have a special guest room waiting for our supporters when they come and visit us.
Thanks for prayerfully partnering with us in this important work in Israel. 



$950,000 USD includes: (This will only take 950 people giving $1000)  


PHASE 1: Purchase – OVER THE NEXT 2 YEARS        ($650K)

PHASE 2: Repairs – BEGINNING IN 2026                    ($50K)

PHASE 2.1: Working Budget – BEGINNING IN 2026 ($50K USD)

PHASE 3: Renovations – BEGINNING IN 2026          ($200K USD)


We’re raising funds for our Rehovot MD Israel HQ & Safehouse. We’ve been working out of this house in Israel since 2017.  The owners want to sell and pass the baton to us to continue working in the harvest field of Israel.

At any one of our gatherings we have at least 20% ‘’pre-believers’ in attendance. People are hearing the Gospel, their hearts are softening and some are coming to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah. 

The villa is an 18 bed, B&B that also functions as our Ministry Headquarters. It’s used for hosting tourists, disciples, volunteers, war refugees, as well as weekly meetings and various discipleship trainings and seminars.

Our weekly meetings include Sunday Prayer; Monday Jewish Outreach; Tuesday Discipleship; Wednesday Bible Study; Friday Shabbat Outreach Dinner; Saturday Worship Services. On average we have 15-40 people at any one of our gatherings. We’re in active relationship with 50+ Israeli Pre-believing Jews. 

The house is open throughout the week as a base for fellowship gatherings that always involve talking about spiritual things with Israelis. We’ve seen many Israelis’ eyes open when they encounter the truths about Yeshua (Jesus) as found in the Old Testament Scriptures. Most have never been exposed to Messianic and/or end-times prophecies before hearing them at our house.

The house is a community gathering place where people come and experience the love and truth about Jesus/Yeshua – the Messiah of Israel. Because of the size of the home we’re able to host large gatherings.

People are getting saved and lives are being changed.


To partner with the Rehovot Project:

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Below are just a few of the testimonies of people who have come to know Jesus-Yeshua as the Messiah because of the work being done at the MD Rehovot HQ and Safehouse… 


When I was a young man in the Israeli army the tank I was in was hit by friendly fire. I saw my buddies blown to pieces and I spent 8 months in a coma. My life since then has been very difficult because of the trauma. I’ve felt alone and without hope. I was invited to a gathering at the MD Rehovot House and I experienced love that I’d never felt in my life. After taking part in some Bible studies in the home I came to understand that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel and I accepted Him into my heart. My whole outlook changed. Even though I’m currently fighting cancer I have peace. I trust that God has my life in His hands. The community at the Rehovot House has embraced me and I no longer feel alone. I know I’m part of a family. 


I was born into a Muslim Bedouin family. My father told me that we’re of Jewish ancestry but all that I know is the life of a Muslim. I was introduced to the community at the MD Rehovot House and was told about Yeshua. My life as a single mother of 7 was plagued with anxiety, fear, hopelessness and distress.  So many things have happened in the Rehovot House that have lifted burdens off my shoulders and taught me the truth about God and His care for me and my family. When I received Yeshua my life changed. The people of the community have embraced me as family and it’s something completely different from the culture I’ve grown up in.  I truly look forward to the times I get to spend at the Rehovot House. It’s like going to a well and drinking clean water that strengthens and encourages me in my new found faith in Yeshua and His plan for my life and the life of my children. 


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