As I was sitting at my desk today I sensed the Lord’s Presence in a very beautiful way.  Have you ever felt His Presence?  It’s euphoric! In that moment I looked in front of me and my attention was drawn to the print of a painting by Amy Sheetreet that sits on my desk. It’s a beautiful mosaic of a Menorah with God’s names in Hebrew and English.

  • God my Righteousness
  • God with us
  • Angel of the Covenant
  • Prince of Peace
  • My Redeemer
  • God my Healer
  • All Sufficient God
  • The Light of the World
  • Wonderful Counselor
  • God who is There
  • God who Sees
  • Lamb of God
  • My Rock
  • The Resurrection
  • Keeper of Israel
  • The Way
  • The Truth
  • The Life
  • Yeshua – Salvation


We find such strength in meditating on the Names of God. (Proverbs 18:10) Spend some time today delighting in who God is, as revealed by His Names.

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