On October 7, 2023 Hamas began brutally murdering and kidnapping Israelis in acts of terror and war. The death toll is rising. It’s a heartbreaking situation. Our prayers are with those who are suffering. Now the threat of war is coming at us in the North from Hezbollah.Many of our friends and family members have been among the 300,000+ drafted into the army.Because we’re headquartered in Israel we are hearing of so many needs: physical, emotional and spiritual.Members of our team have received appeals from people going into the army who have been given poor equipment from decades ago.People need help with housing and to rebuild and feed their families when they’ve lost everything due to the massive destruction that comes from war. 

We’re also hearing of great needs within Muslim Bedouin families in the South, where they have no bomb shelters.

We’ll be researching and channeling funds in various areas here in Israel in order to help in this most difficult time.


To partner with us CLICK HERE and choose ‘War Relief’ as the fund to donate to. 


Some of the ways funds are being allocated:

Purchasing equipment for IDF troops
Donation to ZAKA – Israel’s emergency response team
Donations to individuals who’ve lost loved ones and/or their homes as a result of the war
Donations to help fire fighting efforts in Northern Israel