A few posts ago I talked of a friend who had told me to look for advocates along my journey into Israel.  Well, I found another one.  Last weekend while at the local congregation, during the after service lunch we had together, a woman came and sat down to eat with me.  She introduced herself and we began chatting.  I offered to give her a ride home and felt led to ask if she wanted to come over for tea.  She invited me to her apartment and I found out that she was called to Israel to help people navigate the red tape and bureaucracy involved in moving here. She had wondered why God had called her from Jerusalem down south into the Negev.  When we met me she was excited to be able to fulfill her calling by helping me. She even agreed to let me use her address for my application which was something that I had been prayerfully waiting for God to provide. She sent me off that day with different pieces of literature to inform me on the various stages and benefits of obtaining Israeli citizenship.

I was introduced to another advocate that day when the leader of the congregation gave me the name of a doctor I could go to in order to get a medical certificate proving I was in good health.  This is a document needed for citizenship application and I’m happy to report that the doctor was extremely helpful in providing the examination and medical certificate.

Advocate: a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.  God is our ultimate advocate, but it’s nice to know that He has people to help us too!