In 2020 the theme for the Mission Discipleship Prayer Team is ‘WAIT.’ 

This strategy has everything to do with having faith in and trusting the Lord for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God which is the exercise of God’s kingship, His authority, and His right to rule based on His might, power and glory. 

Waiting is active and not passive. It calls us into deeper relationship with the Lord and is a key spiritual discipline for all Messiah’s disciples. 

Prayer is how we deal with supernatural evil on earth.  We wait on the Lord, asking for vision into what He’s doing in heaven in a given situation and we agree in prayer with what the Lord shows us; thereby seeing the miraculous hand of God on earth, as it is in heaven.  This is how Yeshua-Jesus modeled prayer for us. 

Two forces, idolatry and strongholds often dominate in people’s lives to thwart God’s plans.

Idolatry traps people into contracts with false gods. Strongholds are false patterns of thought which deny that Messiah can be obeyed or, in some cases, that anything at all can change for the better. Idolatry locks up people’s sense of allegiance and strongholds limit people to a worldview of hopelessness. Through prayer we can uncover keys that can be used to set people free of the limiting barriers of idolatry and strongholds.

God’s purpose on earth is to overcome evil by redeeming people who will love and obey Him from every people group.

Prayer is one of God’s ways of involving us with His work!

We host quarterly online prayer weekends where together we seek the Lord and find great encouragement and empowerment through His Word and our fellowship together. 

Sign up below to join our prayer team and we’ll let you know the dates of the prayer weekends.

We also invite you to come to Israel this year during one of our prayer weekends and pray with us here at “ground zero”.  Send us an email for more information.

If you’re on Facebook our closed group Prayer Team page is a place we share ongoing prayer requests from Israel and around the world. To be part of that just look for the “Mission Discipleship Prayer Team” on Facebook and request to join.  

We also send out monthly emails with prayer requests from Mission Discipleship and our partner ministries when you sign up on this page below..

We’re also in prayer and planning for another Israel prayer mission. Do you have the desire to come to Israel for the purpose of prayer?  CLICK HERE to learn more. 

We’ve seen God answer our prayers. We look forward to seeing answered prayer as we wait on the Lord together in prayer in 2020.  

We are “One Body ~ One Bride ~ One Kingdom”

Join us in prayer!