Mission Discipleship provides models and resources
for discipleship in your community. 


Discipleship isn’t a dirty word…nor should it be intimidating. Yeshua/Jesus told us all to do it. Making disciples is about relationship. It’s people helping people build relationship with God, and with others.

We know you’re busy. We live in a busy world, but the reality is you are what you donot what you say you’ll do. What you do with your time creates the reality of who you are.

We all need to build habits that help us be transformed into the image of Messiah. Life is short. It goes by quickly. We need to act now!

We’ll make it easy for you to inspire others and put into action what the Acts 2 Church did that made them fruitful and caused their growth. Acts 2:42

Remember, we’re called to obey our Messiah’s Commandments; and Yeshua’s burdens are easy and His yoke is light.

Here are some ideas 💡 to help you help people grow in their relationship to God and with each other.

Real Life Bible Study
(Devoted to the Apostles’ Teaching)

We have an online Bible Study for you and a friend to plug into. It only requires one hour a week of your time. It runs in quarterly seven week sessions.  It’s especially great for older folks who can’t get to church anymore. Is the Lord bringing someone to mind for you to invite? A great way to disciple is to plug into the study with a friend or two and then discuss it together during the week, after we study together.


Prayer Team
(Devoted to Prayer)

Our online prayer team has a private Facebook group where we post ongoing prayer requests from Israel and around the world. We also have a monthly email that we send out for those not on Facebook. We have numerous prayer resources on our website for you to learn from and utilize. Prayer was foundational to Yeshua’s walk and it is to ours as well. We’re also going to help you grow a ‘prayer pod’ that comes together for quarterly prayer. God does amazing things as we pray together!


Build a Tribe
(Devoted to Fellowship & the Breaking of Bread)

Building intentional discipleship community is something we’re passionate about. We all have an inner longing, placed there by God, to be part of a ‘tribe’. We want to help you build a group in your community around an area we know the Lord is passionate about. We have lots of great online resources to give you ideas and we will be releasing more as the year continues. Here are a few ideas:  Friday night Shabbat meal/gatherings; Freedom Groups to facilitate inner healing and deliverance; Topical gatherings where your group gathers to study a particular topic from our resource library; Outreach Groups….just to name a few. Each group experience incorporates sharing a meal together with the intention of making the Lord the center of discussion and focus.

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