God isn’t looking for “super-saints” as much as He’s looking for humble and honest ones. (1 John 1:5-10) The month prior to going to Israel I have to admit I had a continuous battle with anxiety – something very unusual for me!

What was I anxious about?  Everything!

  • Would I get through passport control and customs?
  • Would my suitcases make it safely?
  • Would I get help with my bags?
  • Would I be able to get everything packed up in time before leaving?
  • Would the car rental be reserved?
  • Would everything fit in the car?
  • Would I make it safely to my destination?

Oh my – the enemy and my brain were both really messing with me.

To battle the anxiety the Lord introduced me to a song by Jason Upton covered by Juanita Bynum called Psalm 23, which of course uses the lyrics from the famous Psalm.  Even upon landing in Israel I found myself needing to listen to that song over and over and over again to calm my nerves, and my soul.

God gave me peace through that song and allowed all the circumstances I was so worried about to all work out flawlessly, and without a problem.  Again He proved in my life that He is faithful to handle the things that concern me.

As a beautiful reminder of His care to lead me beside still waters, I realized a few weeks into my journey that the green pastures He had arranged for me to stay at during my first 6 months in Israel had the street address of 23. The picture on this post is the front gate.

What a joy to realize that, and be continually reminded that the Lord is our Shepherd, and we shall fear no evil!