In May 2015, Mission Discipleship led its first Israel prayer mission.

12 days – 20 people – prayers sown – a vision expanded…

Welcome to “The Israel Mandate”




“A prayer mission ordained by God. I believe He was pleased and that all were blessed beyond measure.” Pastor Daryle R. (Philadelphia, PA)

“This was an amazing trip. God put a unity and one accord among the members of the team unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. Everywhere we prayed, the presence of the Lord was incredible. It was wonderful to be a part of a team which allowed itself to be led by the Holy Spirit. There were so many divine interruptions and unexpected blessings. My life was greatly impacted. Thanks so much Mission Discipleship for all you did to make this possible.” Martha D. (Statesville, North Carolina)

“This mission trip was an awesome opportunity to participate in penetrating prayer that pealed away layers of encumbrances and to knock down strongholds that hinder the Jewish people from recognizing their Messiah. We have released the Jewish people to experience His love and salvation. We have also had the privilege of being in the awesome Presence of Yeshua through the praise and worship led by Mission Discipleship. This missions trip has been a wonderful involvement in prayer; teaching; receiving knowledge; and having a greater understanding of His rest.” Priscilla A. (Columbus, OH)

“I would encourage every born again believer to experience an Intercessors mission to Israel with Mission Discipleship. It doesn’t matter where you are in ministry, the experience and work will stretch you and grow you in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Do not pass up the opportunity or delay. Say yes and be blessed.”  Geraldine W. (Philadelphia, PA)

“The Israel prayer tour was very enriching. I feel blessed to have been able to attend. The cost of the trip is incomparable to what I gained. I’m sure it has forever impacted my life.”  Julee K. (Columbia, SC)

“I loved the fellowship and unity on this trip. God’s promises are true, and He watches over His word to perform it! Everyone played an important part together as one. I truly know God was well pleased with our faith! Fellowship, unity and pleasing God are my favorite things! I definitely added to my own Book of Remembrance.” Jeanne M. (Phoenix, AZ)

“This was an amazing prayer mission trip to Israel and beyond my expectation. I had been to Israel with a Christian tour in September which was great but to have such a focus on worship and prayer which was so strategic and led by the Holy Spirit took everything to a new level. It was clear that Mission Discipleship had spent lots of time bathing this trip in prayer and that intercessors at home were praying for us throughout the trip. While on our way to various places the Lord orchestrated divine appointments daily. So in the midst of Mission Discipleship’s prayers for guidance and unity the Lord really ordered our steps. Our team truly prayed in “one accord” and that was so faith building because as one person prayed the Lord would confirm it with His Word. This really was a beautiful dance with the Holy Spirit. I’m looking forward to another opportunity to go where He directs me with Mission Discipleship. I think about this trip to Israel all the time. Mission Discipleship is anointed and so strategic in His hand. I pray that the Lord’s favor and blessing will surround Mission Discipleship as with a mighty shield.” Nancy H. (Old Greenwich, CT)

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