Prayerful Meditations on


“The Peace & Power of Knowing God’s Name” by Kay Arthur

1. Elohim– the Creator
My mighty and strong Creator. Father, Son & Holy Spirit, One. My strong tower and unshakable refuge. I fear You Lord and trust in Your name. I was created for Your glory.
2. El Elyon – God Most High.
You are sovereign, ruler of all the universe. Possessor of heaven and earth. Giver of victory. Your purpose will be established. Nothing occurs that falls out of Your control. You have a purpose in everything. Your sovereign power toward me means nothing less than perfect love.
3. El Roi – The God who sees.
You are with me always. Your eyes are not shut. What’s more – You know my future. You know my destiny. You know the sins committed against me. You will vindicate me. All will be used for good. I know You, believe You and put my trust in Your name. I seek You Lord. You see my loved ones. You know where they’re at. I can trust that you’ll never leave or forsake them.
4. El Shaddai – The All Sufficient One
God Almighty – I trust You. I rest in You. I let You supply my needs. You pour forth blessings, temporal and spiritual. You give me fresh life, nourishment. You are my protector, the unconditional lover of my soul, my comforter. You hold me in your love. You wipe away my tears. You are my rock, my refuge, my very present help in times of trouble. You’re everything I will ever need.
5. Adonai – The Lord
My master, owner, Master of all that I am and have. I submit to you! You supply what I need in order to perform Your will. You have the right to expect obedience from me.
6. Yehovah – The Self Existent One
Your most sacred name – most holy, most glorious, the name you want us to know You by – You are – You have become – You have being and essence in and of Yourself. You have always been. You always are and You will always be. Everything that came into being came from You. This, Your personal name has limitless power. You are who You are. You are everything and anything I will ever need. You are the eternal I am…the Alpha and the Omega – the same yesterday, today and forever. All life is contained in You. I need not look elsewhere. I can rest in Your unchangeableness. You have never failed. You are our covenant keeper – deliverer. You are unchanging, faithful. As I long for someone who will always be there – You are that. You will not change, leave or move. Your love will never grow cold. You will always be here to comfort me. Everything and anything that I ever need will come from You.
7. Yehovah Yireh – The Lord will provide
You provide life Lord! You provide everything that I need. Yeshua is all that I truly need! Yeshua is the provision for my sin, not my own perfection! You see God. You foresee. You know the end from the beginning and thus in Your omniscience, You provide. You are true to Your name. You will provide. You are for us, not against us. In any test I can lay my Isaac on the altar. I can worship You in obedience and know that whatever the need, You will provide it.
8. Yehovah Rapha – The Lord Who Heals.
You heal Your people God. You bring health and beauty to sin-sick nations and people. I turn to You. You are a physician. You can bring refreshment and take the bitterness of life and make it sweet. If we give earnest heed to Your voice and do what is right in Your sight and give ear to Your commandments and keep all Your statues You put no diseases on us for You are the Lord, our healer. You can heal our souls. The Lord Yeshua HaMashiach is the Prince of Peace. You apply the cross to the bitter waters of our life and heal us of sins mortal wounds. You are the Shepherd and Guardian of my soul. Only You can heal the ills of our souls. Health, healing and obedience go together. I turn to You for healing. I open the medicine of Your Word and apply it to my wounds. Whether an illness is physical, emotional or spiritual I first seek healing from You, Yehovah Rapha. Examine my heart first Lord. I must deal with sin in my life thoroughly. You always meet me at the point of my obedience, and there, come to my side. I run into the strong tower of Your healing name
9. Yehovah Nissi – The Lord My Banner
I turn to You to find strength and will to stand fast and keep fighting the good fight. I look to You for help when the enemy comes in like a flood. Deliverance is found in the Lord My Banner. I let my heart thrill at the victory that is mine in You. A banner was an ensign or standard carried at the head of a military grouping. In battle soldiers looked across the confusion and chaos of the battlefield for a glimpse of their king’s banner. As long as they saw it they fought with courage and confidence. You, God Yourself, are our banner. You are our confidence. You are the source of our strength in battle. You are our shining assurance of victory. You are powerful and bring us deliverance. I look to Jehovah Nissi in order to defeat my unyielding enemy, the flesh. The flesh must constantly be put to death. It can’t be tolerated. It can’t be catered to. It can’t be spared in any way. If it is, it will devastate me. Death to the flesh is the battle cry of every child of God. Nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. I rally at the standard of Yehovah Nissi and I see the tide of the battle turn. I look up! I stand firm. I am strong in the Lord and the strength of His might. I’m not alone in the battlefield. I look to the Lord my banner. Under His banner victory is assured. Apart from it defeat is a certainty. I cannot battle the flesh under my own power. Apart from Him I can do nothing. I abide under the power, the standard, the banner, the ensign of Yehovah Nissi and I can have victory over the flesh, the world and the devil – my enemies and God’s. I go to war and put to death what I need to. Messiah is there with me, interceding on heavenly Zion’s holy mount. Victory is assured under the bright banner of His name.
10. Yehovah Mekaddishkem – The Lord Who Sanctifies You
Your names, my God, bring strength to my heart, a lift to my shoulders and a spring to my step. I say them outloud – I worship You – You, God save me, redeem me and set me apart. I belong to You! You sanctify me. The purpose of the Sabbath is that we know that “I am the Lord who sanctifies you.” I do not sanctify myself. You, God make me holy. Sanctification would never come through the law. It would only come through You. I enter into Your name. I enter into Your rest. Salvation comes through resting in You, God. I cannot obtain it through my own efforts. Holiness is the same. I live a holy life in response to what You have already accomplished. You carry me on eagle’s wings. I call upon Your name and enter into Your wonderful rest.
11. Yehovah Shalom – The Lord is Peace
Lord I turn to you in distress. I turn to You when I’m troubled. When I go to You God, You hear my cry. You always have a solution. You lift anxiety from my heart. You clear the path. You give me peace. Your name is a strong tower. You are present with me in the midst of darkness and fear. In that place You are the Lord my Peace. In the midst of stresses and challenges You are Peace. True peace can only be found in right relationship with You, God. Peace cannot be based in circumstances and situations of life. I do not let my peace be centered in another person, sunny skies, a full stomach, a balanced checkbook, a healthy body, or a harmonious home. You God are Yehovah Shalom. You Yourself are my peace. When storms sweep over my horizon I run into the shelter of Your name. When I find You I find peace. You are peace.
12. Yehovah – Sabaoth/Tzvaot – The Lord of Hosts
When the odds against me seem overwhelming and the situation I find myself in seems unbearable…when I’m at the very end of my strength, in deep trouble – when I sense defeat and darkness – in times of conflict and warfare Yehovah Sabaoth is the name to call upon. It’s the name that makes the very pillars of the universe tremble. When I’m harassed, powerless and I come to the end of myself and find life’s conflicts unbearable I turn to You, Lord of Hosts. I call upon Your name, Yehovah Tzvaot. This is the name to run to when from my perspective there is no other help. This is the day to shelter in Your name. Yehovah Tzvaot which means mass – mass of heavenly beings – angels – an army of heavenly hosts. You rule over all the angelic hosts. You rule over the armies of heaven. You are Lord over all powers, principalities and rulers in high places. The battle is not mine. It’s Yours! No one can stand against You. The righteous run into the strong tower of Your name and find safety.
13. Yehovah Raah – The Lord My Shepherd
Rather than believing in myself and trying to make my own way through life I turn to Your precepts God, and with faith in You say I can do all things through You who strengthens me. This is to think biblically, to believe what You say. And what do You say about me, and You? Over and over again You say we are like sheep, weak and helpless, and You are a loving, tender shepherd. Even though I do dumb things, I’m not perfect and I stumble in many ways, I can succeed and prosper because You Lord are my Shepherd. In You I find all that I need. How dumb are sheep? They will literally eat themselves right off a cliff. In such severe situations the shepherd would be forced to break the leg of that sheep and then bind up the injury, carrying, talking and singing to the sheep until it finally healed. Then he would remove the splint and let the sheep go. By that time the sheep would be so accustom to the tenderness, warmth and closeness of the shepherd that he wouldn’t wander away anymore. He would be content to stay at the shepherd’s side. Lord I seek You and I find You’re seeking me. Every single lamb matters to you, the Good Shepherd.
14. Yehovah Tsidkenu – The Lord Our Righteousness
What do I do? Where do I turn when I have no hope? Is there hope for hearts given over to sin and rebellion? There is hope. It is in the dark hour of judgment and failure that You, God reveal this name to the hopeless, who see only death. It’s a blazing radiant beacon cutting through the darkness, pointing the way to heaven’s gate. Yehovah Tsidkenu – The Lord Our Righteousness… I can have a new heart. You will put the fear of God into my heart so I will not turn from You. You will give me a new heart and spirit and cause me to walk in Your statutes and observe Your ordinances. A new covenant – a new heart will come because of a righteous Branch named Yehovah Tisdkenu – The Lord Our Righteousness. I can be righteous. It’s all wrapped up in understanding Your name Yehovah Tisdkenu. The righteous Branch (Jer. 23:5) who will reign as king and do justice and righteousness is You, God incarnate (God in the flesh) the Messiah, the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach. At Calvary’s cross You made Him who knew no sin to be sin on my behalf, that I might become the righteousness of God in Him. What an exchange! My sin, past, present and future – for Your own measureless, incalculable righteousness and purity. I can only be right with You God, by receiving the righteousness of Yehovah Tsidkenu – The Lord Our Righteousness – Yeshua HaMashiach.. I run into the strong tower of Your name. The shining beauty of Your very righteousness belongs to me.
15. Yehovah Shammah – The Lord is There
What do I do when I feel alone, abandoned, forgotten – imprisoned in difficult circumstances? How do I keep hope bubbling up like a spring? How do I keep courage burning bright and strong? I obey Your word God, mediate on its precepts, cling to it in faith with all my heart. The more I open my heart and life to the ministry of Your Word and Your Spirit, the more I realize You are there. Wherever I am You, God are there. You are waiting and longing to be my future and my hope. I will not be absorbed by my captivity. I will be absorbed with You!