Nothing else will bring your life greater joy and peace than knowing the One who knows you intimately.

Knowing the Messiah is the most important thing to living life abundantly. The word “know” indicates intimacy. The Bible actually says that eternal life is in knowing God and Messiah whom He sent. (John 17:3).

Nothing else will bring your life greater joy and peace than knowing God, the One who knows you intimately.

How do we know God? I encourage you to take the following steps and find out how. Great blessings will pour out into your life. That I can promise you!

Knowing Messiah

1. If I want to know Him I must study the Scriptures
2. I must be willing to spend time alone in prayer, meditation and worship of God – talking, listening to Him, allowing Him to speak
3. I must trust Him
4. I must obey Him – believe and do what He says
5. I must observe and record how God works in my life and in the lives of other people
6. I must be sensitive to what God is doing in the lives of others – why does He respond the way He responds – why did circumstances turn out the way they did – every person is a potential object lesson of knowing Messiah
7. I must turn away from self-centeredness
8. I must look for the evidence of Messiah in every circumstance in life
9. I must be willing to lay aside every single thing in life that competes with my love, loyalty and devotion for God

Here are some Scriptures to study to begin your journey:

As our Creator, God is King of all the universe. His Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom. He has a right to rule in our lives, but in our pride we exalt ourselves as King. This pride is one example of sin (imperfection) and sin separates us from God – who is perfect. By faith (trust, belief) God puts His Holy Spirit into our spirit and makes it come alive. (Romans 8:11) Having life in our spirit is what enables us to recognize and understand the truth about God’s Kingdom. It enables us to communicate with God and turn from our sin and live righteous and holy lives. The healing and cleansing that follows brings life and vitality to our lives.(Acts 3:19) This doesn’t happen automatically though.

God sent a manifestation of Himself/the Messiah to the earth. He and the Messiah were One. (John 10:25-30) This manifestation wasn’t the first time God had come to earth! See these scriptures for more examples: .(Genesis 11:4-7; Genesis 32:24-30) Messiah Yeshua/Jesus came to teach us about the Kingdom of God and to die on the cross so the sins of humanity could be forgiven (Matthew 1:21.)

To know Him is to know God (John 8:19; 14:7); to see Him is to see God (John 12:45; 14:9); to believe in Him is to believe in God (John 12:44); to receive Him is to receive God (Mark 9:37); to hate Him is to hate God (John 15:23); and to honor Him is to honor God (John 5:23).

Whatever you’re reading in the Scriptures remember to always pray before you read and ask God to teach you, by His Spirit what He wants you to learn about Himself, Messiah and His ways.