A Bible Study


Don’t hurry through this study. It’s to be done as in-depth as possible. A Lesson might take a week to complete. That’s OK. Take time with the scriptures and really meditate and “chew” on them, asking God for new revelation to come to you through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and His Word.

Topic: Gathering Together/Assembling

1. Deuteronomy 4:9-10 Why is it important for us to assemble together?
2. Isaiah 43:1-21 Name all the promises and prophesies in this passage.
3. Acts 13:44 What did the people get together for?
4. Romans 10:7 How do we build our faith?
5. Timothy 4:1 What must we be very careful of?
6. Philippians 1:25 What are our 2 rewards for standing strong in the faith?
7. Psalm 150 What are we commanded to do? Where? Why? How? Who/What?
8. Hebrews 10:21-27 We all must face judgment. What 7 things are we commanded to do in this passage, which our not doing is equated with sin.
9. What can you do in your life to act on what God is telling you through these passages?