Since 2014 Mission Discipleship has hosted monthly ‘Treasure Hunts’ in Phoenix, where we pray for clues from the Lord that lead us to people who are His ‘treasure’, and who He wants to minister to.

Sunday 11.30.14, a team went out and got the clues metro, pink sandals, heart, diamond, joy, salvation, 4:30 and 4:37 (among many others.)  At Metro-Center mall we saw Maya, a young girl wearing pink sandals in front of a jewelry store with the word ‘joy’ and a picture of a  ‘diamond’ on the sign. She also had hearts on the elbows of her shirt. At 4:30 we were praying with Teresa (her mom) to rededicate her life to the Lord and around 4:37 we were praying for Teresa’s boyfriend, Ramon for salvation.  You can’t make this stuff up!    There were many other divine encounters that day.

On Sunday 12.14.14 a team went out and we had divine encounters with Moses, Solomon, Renee’, Anna and 3 people walking in great darkness.  Thanks for your prayers for the Mission Discipleship monthly ‘Treasure Hunts’, and for the lives we touch.

In 2015 we saw Hector pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior on a Treasure Hunt.  We also saw countless others receive the Gospel message and prayer.

In 2016 Treasure Hunts will be the last Sunday of each month from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

For a free resource on Evangelism Training visit our Free Resources page and look under Group Resources.  CLICK HERE.


Mission Discipleship hosted a Meet-up Group called Goodology as an evangelism strategy for Believers to begin relationships with Pre-Believers who are interested in kindness, helping others and personal growth.  Contact us to learn more about how to use Meetup in your community with the purpose of building relationships that prayerfully will allow for the sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom.


In 2015 Mission Discipleship partnered with the Apartment Life CARES team at North Mountain Village in outreach events to that 500+ apartment community in N. Phoenix.  Outreach events include monthly Flyer Drops; Q&A sessions and various other opportunities throughout the year. 


In both 2013 and 2014 Mission Discipleship took teams onto the streets of Phoenix to distribute gift bags, and witness to and pray for homeless people. This was a great way to celebrate Jesus’ birth by being a light to the community around us.


May 12 – 25, 2015  Mission Discipleship led a prayer mission that strategically sowed prayer and worship throughout the Land of Israel. It was a life changing mission trip for those who participated.  You can visit the tour page for more information.  The next Israel prayer mission is tentatively scheduled for 2020.


2017 Mission Discipleship serves impoverished Bedouin Communities in Arad, Israel with humanitarian aid and teaching Bible stories to the Muslim women with great fruitfulness.

2018 Mission Discipleship is planning an eye-glass clinic reaching out to impoverished Muslim Bedouin Communities in the Negev Desert in Israel for the purpose of building relationships with the people that will begin to allow us to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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