Worship means ascribing worth to something, or someone. The first mention of the word “worship” in the bible is found in the context of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac, his only and most loved son, in obedience to God’s Word. (Genesis 22:1-5)

We can gauge what we worship, by looking at what we spend most of our time thinking about, doing and what we spend most of our money on. If we truly worship God, we’ll be obedient to what He teaches us in His Word.

God wants to be first in our lives and is the only one deserving of our worship. We worship God personally and corporately (with others) when we place all our focus and attention on Him.

Worship involves a sacrifice and is a heart attitude in any situation we may find ourselves in.

2 Kings 17:33 “They feared the Lord but they also worshiped their own gods according to the custom of the nations where they had be deported from.” V. 41 “The nations feared God but kept serving their idols.”

We serve what we worship. In today’s culture we serve ourselves, our likes and preferences, over God’s.

Lord, help us to serve only You and to renounce our cultural idols including self and materialism.

Declare this now:  Thank You God, that I desire to worship You, and You alone.  Align my life to reflect this truth in all areas.