Disciples disciple.  It’s that simple.

Why else would Jesus/Yeshua give that command to His disciples in Matthew 28:18-19?

Discipling means helping others grow in their relationship with God.

The word “go” in this passage means “wherever you go.”  Some people are called across the world; others to the marketplace; and still others to their neighbors and families.  No matter where we “go” we need to be discipling.  What does that mean?  To disciple means to help others know and follow Christ so that we imitate Him. (Eph. 5:1-2)

Scripture says we’re to do this because all authority has been given to Jesus in heaven and on earth. He’s the King and everyone needs to learn and apply what that means.  He’s to be our Lord (Master). We’re supposed to baptize them (immerse them) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This goes far beyond the traditional act of water baptism.  While it includes that, it also means we’re to help them be immersed in the knowledge and experience of having a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We need to help people live in relationship with God!

Now before you say that you’re not mature enough in your faith to do that, we’re going to give you a reality check. There’s always going to be someone who knows less about God than you do.  That’s who you’re supposed to disciple.  And guess what?  You’re going to help them understand that they too need to disciple someone that knows less about God than they do!

The beauty of Mission Discipleship is that we’re here to give you the tools you need for discipling.

Pass the word about Mission Discipleship.  Talk to people about what you’ve learned by going through these ‘Disciplines of Discipleship’ and guess what?  You’ll be actively involved in discipling.

The only requirement in discipling is your time.  Be willing to spend time helping someone else follow Yeshua (that’s Jesus’ Hebrew Name). That’s what true Disciples do. By doing that you’ll be laying up treasure in heaven! (Matt. 6:20)

Declare this now:  Thank You God for showing me the people in my life that You want me to disciple. Inspire and equip me to share with them in ways that bless my life, and theirs.