Our lives are filled with moment by moment decisions.  Those decisions are influenced by one of two things: the world or the Word

Most times these two worldviews are the complete opposite of each other.  That’s the tricky part.  We’ve grown up to believe things based on our experiences in the world, where in God’s eyes the reality of those same situations may be completely different.

When we’re “born-again” and enter the Kingdom of God we need to retrain our minds to think, understand and judge things based on God’s teachings as found in the Bible.

We all need God to illuminate any lies that we believe and replace them with the truth, as found in His Word.

Get a small notebook. Spend some time and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any lies that you believe.  When He shows you something ask Him to replace the lie with a truth found in the Scriptures. You may need to ask someone who has more knowledge of the Word of God to help you find the Scriptures to combat the lies. Here are some verses arranged topically to help you.

Write down the lies and the truths and spend time meditating on them, asking the Lord to change your perception so that you can walk wholeheartedly in His ways and truth.

Declare this now:  Thank You God, that You will transform me and renew my mind by Your Spirit and Your Word.  I will have a Biblical mindset in all that I encounter, and do.