Faith Walker of Mission Discipleship has served faithfully alongside Jewish Voice for many years and oversees our prayer and counseling rooms at many of our overseas clinic outreaches. Through her leadership, literally thousands have been saved, healed and delivered. She has a deep heart to help people grow in the Lord and develop in their calling.

I highly commend her and this ministry to you and recommend you invite her to share in your church congregation, or fellowship.

Jonathan Bernis, Jewish Voice Ministries International

Faith Walker successfully served as leader of the premier Jews for Jesus music and evangelism team, the Liberated Wailing Wall. She was a marvelous example of capable and committed servant leadership, effectively shepherding a diverse group of people under often difficult circumstances. She was a joy for me to supervise and a person who demonstrated true Christian maturity and genuine care for all who were under her leadership. I pray that her Mission Discipleship ministry will be as much of a blessing to others as she was to us in Jews for Jesus.

David Brickner, Jews for Jesus

Faith Walker of Mission Discipleship is powerful in God. She has ministered to our church numerous times, powerfully, preaching the Word of God. They were life changing experiences for us all. Faith taught us the importance of connecting with our Jewish roots. She is a powerful, Spirit filled preacher who has an intimate connection with Jesus. She not only teaches the Word, but she’ll spend hours praying for the people of God, pouring into them with great compassion. We’ve have had some amazing men and women of God come and minister to us at Assiniboia Apostolic Church. I can honestly say, in my opinion that Faith Walker was the most beneficial minister to our congregation.  She breathed life into us as a body and we’ll never be the same again. If you have a church that is wanting to move forward, I would highly recommend her.  She’s inspired us, challenged us and helped us to grow in the things of the Lord. I feel that God is going to move powerfully through Faith and Mission Discipleship all over North America and the world, and honor will be restored back to God; and to God be the glory for that.

Pastor Terry Serverson, Assiniboia Apostolic Church

I have worked closely in ministry with Faith Walker and Mission Discipleship for over nine years. She has served in many capacities within the local congregation as a worship leader, home group leader, guest speaker, prayer leader, event coordinator and participant in numerous activities. Her heart is first of all to honor the LORD. Faith’s love for God shines through in all she does. Out of her time with God she seeks to do ministry. She’s a strong prophetic visionary that brings many gifts to the  table. She’s an excellent teacher, administrator, planner, and mobilizer. Faith lives out the truth of God’s Word through the power of the Spirit and encourages other people to come along side her in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. She’s an anointed teacher and effective communicator regarding discipleship, community, and evangelism. I have full confidence in Faith Walker and Mission Discipleship; that it will be used in for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom in a mighty way.

Tim Hyslip, Messianic Pastor - Congregation Baruch HaShem

In the decade I have known Faith Walker, my family and I have come to love and appreciate her as a woman of deep devotion and commitment to God. Not only does she live her life in relentless pursuit of His will and His Word, but she possesses a profound desire to multiply and kindle that godly desperation in others. On countless occasions, I have observed her to be compassionate, thoughtful, dependable, and generous. Not given to focusing on herself, she is always quick to pour out prayer and encouragement to build up others’ faith. She readily and willingly shares others’ burdens, confronts sin in love, and offers a voice of support, with a hand of hope. But what is most remarkable about Faith is that she does not hide herself behind her gifts, talents and abilities. She is one of the most real, genuine, authentic people I have ever known. What you see with Faith is what you get — and these days, that is truly a treasure indeed. There can be no doubt that the need to mobilize the Body of Messiah in evangelism and discipleship is as pressing today as it has ever been, and if anyone has the passion and energy to further the cause of Messiah, it’s Faith. Her unique story and experience qualify her to be an active and vocal advocate for radical change in peoples’ lives. It is my sincere hope that she will walk in the fullness of that divine purpose, and that God will provide for her the perfect and abundant means to do so.

Kevin Geoffrey, Perfect Word Ministries