Have you ever seen Dr. Emoto’s water experiment?

You can watch some of it here:

Basically, God created sound and sound is made of frequencies.  As a musician, the faith-walker has been inspired by the idea that sound and frequency might be able to bring restoration and healing to the human body, and soul.

God is the creator of everything, but the enemy counterfeits and steals things that God has created.  

Because of this many associate such pursuits with a “new-age” worldview. But what if God did create music as a vehicle to aid in healing?

Each of us has to be like little children to be true faith-walkers and be willing to learn new things and explore unchartered territories, as the Lord leads. What new areas is God calling you to as He inspires you in your journey of faith?

There’s more than meets the eye in this interesting field and if you’d like to learn more about how God is opening up our minds to His purposes for music in this area check out “Wholetones.”  Welcome to the journey…