What is a faith-walker? Or should we say who is a faith-walker?  Are you?

This blog will follow the journeys; record the thoughts and musings of one such child of God.  Names will be left out, but the stories will be personal, and hopefully inspire you in your own journey as a faith-walker.

The first faith-walker we read about in Scripture is Abraham. God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky (Genesis 26:4) We’re Abraham’s descendants if we follow in his footsteps and trust God.

What does that look like?  Keep your eyes on this blog for a first hand glimpse at the journey of a faith-walker.

For now why don’t you ask the Lord to remind you of a time in your own life when you had to step out in faith; and the Lord rewarded you for your courage.

The picture in this blog was taken by a friend of the faith-walker when they were in Zimbabwe on the mission field in July in 2016. Let it inspire you as one of Abraham’s descendants. (Psalm 19:1)