Mission Discipleship is actively involved in evangelism to all nations,
and specializes in outreach to the Jewish People worldwide. 
Because of this we’ve been asked to help Believers share the Gospel with Jewish People. 

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to use to begin a dialog with Jewish People about what their Scriptures teach about their Messiah. 

Different cultures require different witnessing strategies.  
We have  successfully equipped people in this area.
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Partner with Mission Discipleship and help support evangelism
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Since 2009, in conjunction with Jewish Voice Ministries International, Mission Discipleship has led prayer and evangelism in the following countries with incredible fruitfulness: Argentina; Ethiopia; India; Mexico; Ukraine and Zimbabwe.  Mission Discipleship also shares the Good News in Israel with Israel Prayer Missions, and North America, taking teams out onto the streets regularly for spiritual “treasure hunts.”

Mission Discipleship (MD) leads prayer and evangelism on short term mission trips in Africa and India, organized by Jewish Voice Ministries International. On these outreaches JVMI hosts free medical, dental and eye clinics.  As part of the clinics, people are invited to meet the Great Physician in the prayer and counseling tent. There the teams see the power of God bring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the mute, and healing to the lame.  God also brings hope to the hopeless when people are introduced to Yeshua (Jesus, the Messiah).  “We see the people’s faces transform before our very eyes as God’s salvation brings joy and peace to these precious people who are living in unbelievable poverty.” God’s wondrous presence and power fills the atmosphere with love, as the teams see the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in some of the most remote places on earth.  Each clinic is followed up with the planting of numerous congregations to effectively disciple the new believers.  MD also leads 24/7 prayer and intercession for JVMI’s Hear O’ Israel  large scale festivals of Jewish music and dance.  These outreaches go to cities with high Jewish populations, seeking to break down the strongholds in those regions that keep people away from the knowledge of the truth about Messiah.  Each festival births new messianic congregations, as thousands of Jewish People learn the truth about Yeshua, and His place in our lives. Jewish outreach is a prophetic and crucial stage in the Messiah’s return as we see in Acts 3:19-21 and Matthew 23:37-39.  Jesus/Yeshua came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Matthew 15:24





2011-2014 totals

12,574 prayed for
9,729 reported salvations
1,542 reported healings
216 reported demonic deliverances



2012 – 2016 totals

27,895 prayed for
13,993 reported salvations
5,787 reported supernatural healings
1,493 reported demonic deliverances


2016 Missions

Gutu, Zimbabwe – Medical Outreach
Hosanna, Ethiopia – Medical Outreach

2015 Missions

Mbrengwa, Zimbabwe – Medical Outreach
Gutu, Zimbabwe – Medical Outreach
Israel – Intercessory Prayer Mission
Odessa, Ukraine – Festival Outreach

2012 Missions

Mexico City, Mexico – Festival Outreach
Manipur, India  – Medical Outreach
Mbrengwa, Zimbabwe  – Medical Outreach

2003 – 2006

Sun City and Perris, CA
Led and participated in multiple community outreaches
Operation Reach Out – His Light On The Hill

2014 Missions

Woliso, Ethiopia – Medical Outreach
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  – Medical Outreach
Gutu, Zimbabwe  – Medical Outreach
Buhera, Zimbabwe  – Medical Outreach
Kiev, Ukraine – Festival Outreach

2011 Missions

Rosario, Argentina – Festival Outreach
Gondar, Ethiopia  – Medical Outreach

2000 – 2003 Missions

United States – 49 states
Street evangelism in most major cities

2013 Missions

Hosanna, Ethiopia  – Medical Outreach
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  – Medical Outreach
Mbrengwa, Zimbabwe  – Medical Outreach

2009 Missions

Cordoba, Argentina – Festival Outreach

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