Being a Woman of Excellence Bible Study – House Rules:

  • Don’t feel like you need to rush through these lessons.  Some are very long and there’s a lot to chew on.  Take your time and be led by the Spirit of God with regard to how much you go through in each sitting. 
  • These lessons are tailored for group discussion.  You can do them by yourself, but there’s an added blessing by studying in a group.
  • In a group be willing to talk and share, but make your sharing brief to allow time for others to express themselves and enter into the discussions.
  • Do not talk about other people in your life in the context of sharing. This study is for you to grow and mature as a daughter of God. Keep your focus on that goal.
  • Do not talk about the church/congregation/denomination you attend.
  • Strive to gain all your answers from what the Word of God says when doing “homework.” Do not look to other sources.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you new truths as you read the Scriptures each week.
  • Be willing to be changed by what you learn in the course of this study.
  • Things that people discuss during the study are confidential within the group – do not gossip outside of the group.
  • Commit to attend the group each week. Know that your presence is not just for yourself. You are here to be a blessing to everyone else who comes to the study.
  • Come to the study each week with an attitude of expectation that God will show you new things to apply to your life.
  • Commit to reviewing the weekly studies at home, preferably a little bit every day.
  • Get a binder to save these notes in.
  • Prayerfully ask the Lord for  help in applying things that you learn in the study to your life.
  • If you find any typos or wrong references in the studies please email
  • Prayerfully consider demonstrating your gratitude for the Woman of Excellence study by making a financial gift to Mission Discipleship as a thank you for providing these lessons free of charge.









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