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  • Equip, inspire and mobilize Mentors and Disciples in your Congregation.

One on One mentoring with Mission Discipleship has brought me closer to the Lord. At the age of 16 I came to know the Lord, however I lacked discipleship. As a believer I was attracted to things I would see in others around me. Now I know it to be the Holy Spirit of the Lord. I wanted to be able to know, feel, live, and walk in that peace (the peace that only Yeshua (Jesus) can bring.) Praise the Lord for Mission Discipleship and for my congregational leaders. They took the time to mentor me. Now all I want to do is share the Love of the Lord with all. For His Love isn’t just for me, but for all whose hearts He awakens. God is now using me to share that love in my community. It’s so rewarding for me to be reaching people with God’s love, power and Kingdom. Thanks, Mission Discipleship.


Diana Ringer, Apartmentlife Ministry

  • Equip, inspire and mobilize discipleship groups in your community.

Mission Discipleship has been a huge asset to our local congregational community. It has called our people out of their comfort zones and into a place of active discipleship and disciple making where they have not been before. Utilizing a cutting edge, Biblically based model, it is taking congregational discipleship to new levels. The people who have participated in Mission Discipleship activities and outreaches have expressed how much they are growing and being challenged as disciples. I highly recommend Mission Discipleship to your group or congregation.


Messianic Pastor, Tim Hyslip

  • Invite Mission Discipleship to your location to equip, inspire and mobilize your congregation.

Discipleship is learning. Learners of all ages and experience levels are hungry for variety. Bringing an outside speaker into your congregation adds variety.  Bringing in speakers with proven expertise in areas of ministry provides added credibility to your content.  Hearing new voices provides people not only with different points-of-view, but also with potential resources they can apply in their lives as they walk out their faith.  Having a guest speaker also opens up people’s perspective to the world-wide Body of Messiah and all that God is doing around the world for His honor, glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom.  Mission Discipleship’s speakers serve your congregation by speaking about what you feel is important for your congregation to hear about, and learn.


Mission Discipleship